Why would anyone remove a fresh tattoo?

enlèvement de tatouage

by NUYU Laser Tattoo Removal

Many customers come to us with fresh tattoos to have them removed! This situation is sometimes dramatic in fact: from a beautiful expected result, they inherit an obsession for tattoo removal instead!

Every week we have 3 to 4 new customers coming to us to remove a fresh tattoo they just had! Incredible, but it is a fast fact…. What are the motivations for fresh tattoo removal? What tips can we give you to avoid this potentially tragic situation?
The first reason for fresh tattoo removal is obvious: the result is not the one we imagined. You can try a dress and see if it suits you well. You can imagine a new haircut, and if it does not suits you, you can always change it later. You cannot try a tattoo in the same manner. If you think that in fact it does not suit you well, well… you’re stuck with!
Sometimes the quality of the tattoo is not the one promised: spelling mistakes, poor artistic talent … Obviously, the scholar artist scholar was not!
Here are some tips we can give you to avoid such dramatic a situation:

– Consult with a recognized tattoo artist; he may advise you on what would suit you well, and the job has more chance to satisfy you.

– Once you selected a pattern and an artist, take the time to think. A week of healthy reflection on the why, the how and the outcome of your tattoo project seems a minimum!
Tattoo removal is a long process with results sometime difficult to get. You’d better contact genuine tattoo artists and reflect twice before getting inked!

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