Tattoo Removal Sessions From Multiple Providers is Bad

enlever un tatouage avant après

by NUYU Laser Tattoo Removal

In this post, you will learn why people consider visiting more than one provider, and the risks.

Why do people visit more than one provider?

1. Price – People want the best price. Maybe you’re going to “ABC Removal ” and then you came across a promotion for “Cheap Removal” and now you want to go for a cheaper tattoo removal at a new clinic.

2. Location – Maybe you live in east Montreal but work in west Montreal and don’t always know where you’ll be 8 weeks from now (which is the average time between tattoo removal appointments). So for a convenience factor, you may want to visit more than one provider so you don’t have to drive across town.

3. Speed – Typically tattoo removal providers will schedule your visit 8 weeks a part to let the skin heal and give your body enough time to pass the ink through your system (It’s actually better wait longer between visits as it give your body more time to remove the ink!) Some people may not want to wait and visit another provider sooner, thinking they will speed up the process.

Why visiting multiple tattoo removal clinics for treatments is bad.

Clinics use different types of lasers, wavelengths, and intensities. Providers don’t know the last time you had a treatment nor do they know the other providers overall strategy for removal.
Visiting more than one provider increases the risk for tattoo removal scarring, hyper pigmentation or hypo pigmentation.

Play it safe and once you select a provider to conduct your tattoo removal, stick to them.


  1. Jeff R says:


    Keep up the good work for this article. It’s really very informative. Content is on point and great. I got tattoo on my shoulder which I want to remove. I’ve researched several articles, blogs, posts on internet but learned many things. I don’t know but I think laser technique is bad for removal. I lately come across one product on internet and don’t know if it works. Can you please research on it and let me know your reviews. It would be great. Product seems promising for tattoo removal. Thanks.

  2. raad says:

    Nice article guys. keep it up.
    i got so many quality information from you.

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