Risk of scarring with Laser tattoo removal.

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by NUYU Laser Tattoo Removal

One of the concerns people have while researching laser tattoo removal is the risk of scarring. A key take away is the risk of scarring is minimal, but not zero. If you have any skin condition or any temporary or permanent immune system deficiency, you need to consult a Doctor before you undertake a laser tattoo removal procedure.

If you are in a perfect health, the scarring risk is very limited. There are many steps though you can take before and after your tattoo removal session to increase your satisfaction and prevention of scars! Laser tattoo removal can be very effective and new laser technologies now leave minimal scarring.

Steps you can take before your laser tattoo removal procedure.

  1. Drink lots of water.
  2. Use icing or lidocaine cream to help.
  3. Don’t Smoke. The success of removing a tattoo without side effects after 10 treatments is reduced by 70% if you smoke! Do your skin and lungs a favor and quit smoking!
  4. Get a Qualified Laser Tattoo Removal Technician.

Steps you can take after your laser tattoo removal procedure.

  1. Apply ointment three times a day.
  2. Wash twice a day with mild soap and water and change bandage and dressing after every wash.
  3. Don’t pop any blisters. This also causes scarring!
  4. Keep the tattoo out of the sun. The sun causes blistering quickly and increases the time of healing.
  5. Wait at least 8 weeks between laser tattoo removal sessions.


  1. tommy says:

    Good articles have benefited a lot!

  2. Tori Raddison says:

    Thanks for explaining that you should drink lots of water before you get your tattoo removed because my dad is a little nervous. He got a tattoo when he was in college that he’s hated ever since. Since he’s finally going to get it removed, I’ll give him these helpful tips.

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