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Will Picosecond Lasers Replace Nanosecond ?

by Boris Cencic, Zdenko Vizintin, Matjaz Lukac, in “Journal of the Laser and Health Academy”, Volume 2013 Issue Number 0ne, page S09-S10. It is quite difficult […]

5 main reasons for Tattoo Removal

by NUYU Laser Tattoo Removal People get tattoos for a number of reasons, including: to feel unique, express themselves artistically or even show their love for […]
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Risk of scarring with Laser tattoo removal.

One of the biggest concerns people have while researching laser tattoo removal is the risk of scarring. A key take away is the risk of scarring is minimal, but not zero. If you have any skin condition or any temporary or permanent immune system deficiency, you need to consult a Doctor before you undertake a laser tattoo removal procedure.
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