6 tips to choose the right Laser Tattoo Removal Studio

by NUYU Laser Tattoo Removal

You stick firmly to your decision to go for a laser tattoo removal treatment! Right … where do you start? First step is to choose the right laser tattoo removal studio. You cannot put your skin in the hands of anybody when it comes to laser treatment.

Here are a few tips!


  1. The studio needs to be operating successfully for a few years; laser tattoo removal is a mature industry in Montreal and sustained good service over a reasonable period is a number one quality criteria!
  2. The studio premises need to comply with hygiene and security regulations, and the use of non medical 3B laser equipment.
  3. The laser should be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Take care not to go for studios using cheap lasers made overseas with no FDA certification.
  4. The laser needs to be maintained properly every 6 months. Ask for a maintenance certificate.
  5. Laser technicians need to be certified by a laser technician school.
  6. The studio needs to underwrite a Professional liability cover.

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